Gold Owl Matting

Regular price $90.00


Fexible, Versatile Sluice Mats

Fully customizable, these mats can be configured  any way you want them. From low profiles for fine gold to aggressive mats with riffles for course gold, you have every option.


2 Profiles On Each Mat

Each mat is double sided, two for the price of one. They can be turned over in seconds if you need to use the opposite profile. Two different mats, with four different profiles are available. Limitless possibilities.


Ready To Use, Slide-In Riffles

Add this optional slide-in rubber riffle in seconds too, or remove it just as quickly.


Add Any Style Of Riffle You Desire

Custom make any riffle design you like  and simply attach it using the T Slot in the mat connector. Add or remove riffles right at the river, one again in a few seconds. Utilizes 6 mm bolts that slide into the slot.


Change Mats In Seconds

The mats simple lock together using the included aluminum connector. Change them around in tape & no glue.


Not Just A Mat - It's A System!

Assemble our mats to suit the gold you are sluicing. Adapt quickly and easily to any gold mining situation.


Each Mat is 6 3/8" Wide (with the metal strip) x 37" Long - You just cut your mat to the width of your sluice. (The width & length of your sluice will determine how many pieces of gold owl mat you will need - EX: for a 10"x36" sluice you will need 2 pieces)