AG-3 Shaker Table

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This is a compact shaker table, designed for the hobbyists, that will concentrate gold and other values down. The more concentrated your sands are the better results you will see. Will catch gold between 20 and 600 mesh. It features a 110V Power supply, so you can plug it in wherever you want. 

This table has 3 discharge ports:

Port #1: Gold and minimal black sands
Port #2: Black sands and minimal gold
Port #3: Tailings

This table must be bolted down. Table top dimensions are 24" x 16", and the base of the table is approximately 29"x19" with the feed and capture hoppers on each side. 

We recommend you remove all magnetics before using this shaker table for best results. The more magnetics removed the faster results you will see.

Before you begin, you will need:

  • A table to bolt your shaker table to, MUST BE STURDY! (We recommend using the "ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT MACHINE TABLES" from Uline. Model # H-6979/H-6980, BUT any sturdy table will work)
  • A recirculating water tub
  • MIN. 1000 gph pump
  • Three (3) capture trays for your gold, black sands and tailings (We recommend using clear tupperware so you can see what you are capturing, BUT you can use any shape or size container for this) 
  • Plumbing from your capturing hoppers to your capturing trays down below. (We recommend using standard 3/4" PVC plumbing, BUT you can use any plumbing you prefer)

Here is one of our youtube videos. In this video we are running our material for the second time through this shaker table. The material we ran had already been ran through a long tom, hand panned, and washed in a gold wheel. 

This is the gold we were pulling out after this second run, we ran in on our miller table at the end just to clean it up a bit more. We could have ran it once more on the shaker table, but for this purpose we chose the miller table so you can better see the results!!