The Begininning Of The New AGE - A New Technology Brings The Old Time Ways, Back To New Again

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Flash-Back to when we got our very first 3D Printer!! (February 2017)


It's kind of neat to be bringing such a new technology to the small-scale gold mining industry. With that old-time mentality, and all the amazing history that goes along with it, it's nice to be able to tweak it in a way and bring all of that together. Kind of like a "NEW AGE". ;) 


One of our first projects we decided to print was some matting! That stuff worked absolutely amazing with the BC gold. We found some of our biggest gold to date with our 3D printed matting. Who would've guessed!! 


Around the same time, we started designing and printing our own knobs. They were the main reason we decided to get our 3D printer to begin with. Shortly after the knobs, we designed leg brackets, feet & end caps. And at first, the prints were not the strongest. Some of our parts would break, and we felt they just wouldn't hold up to our application. Until eventually we designed our own 3D printer.


We used our first 3D printer to print all the parts needed and soon we had our own customized machine. This new printer was designed to incorporate a new process required to allow our parts to be extremely strong.  This was a huge turning point for AGE. This new technology of 3D printing had allowed us to bring so many new ideas to life, just by designing them on a computer program first. AND SO WE CONTINUE TO GROW. And over the year, our look had changed.


(One Year Later)

 And it doesn't stop there. This year we decided to bring a few more colours to our product line. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!! These new neon colours have been a huge hit, and really taken our look to a whole new level. We can also do custom colours at an extra cost of course!! (Depending on availability) ....


 AS WELL AS new designs & inventions coming out constantly.


Nothing is off the table when it comes to our design capability here at AGE. If you have an idea, and want help bringing it to life, give us a call!! We would be happy to have a look and see if we can help!! 



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  • Simply amazing what Chris has thought out, designed and personally built all on his own. A very gifted person in my opinion. I have personally witnessed some of his proto – type designs. Standby for some new equipment to enter the market soon. I am not at liberty to discuss some of his new designs, nor should I. Chris will and should be the one to release his new equipment and get all the credit.

    I am looking forward to seeing my buddy’s new very efficiently designed highbanker in operation next week, weather providing of course.

    Keep up the great work Chris! It’s always a pleasure to drop in and yak with you and Stacy.

    John Bortscher on

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