OUCH!!! MY FINGER!!! - WARNING!! Don't Scroll Down To The Bottom Photos If You DON'T Like Blood!!

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So this trip out was definitely one for the books. It all started on the day of January 25, 2017. We (Chris and I(Stacey)) were out for a trip in the Kamloops area. We went out to Tranquille Creek (our go to spot when we visit the family) to test our luck with the ice and snow. It wasn't the worst. It was a bit icy, so we had to wear our crampons. We were able to find some areas that had water access as well as a nice inside bend in the creek. We also found this really neat cliff-side where there were SO MANY neat rocks and minerals. We had a couple nice big finds. But they were really heavy, so we didn't want to carry them in then back out again. So we scattered them along the trail so we could pick them back up on our way back.  We were enjoying this nice sunny spot on the creek. Chris was panning while I was rock-hounding on the far side of the creek. There was this little canal of boulders I had found. It looked like a really neat area. We had previously found really nice quartz crystals in a similar area so I was entrigued!! As I pulled this little rock out of the mountain, it dislodged some of the bigger boulders above it!! (ROOKIE MISTAKE!!!!!) 


So I jumped out of the way from the 2 boulders coming down towards me. I missed them.....Or they missed me......Or so I thought!!!!


As Chris yelled, "STACEY ARE YOU OKAYYY!!!!",

I replied, "Yeahh, Im okay....".....but I had a feeling something wasn't right.

So I looked down at my hand....and all I could see was blood everywhere!! Somehow...the boulders came down and just caught my little pinky finger in between them. It completely took off my gel nail, which ripped off the whole tip of my pinky finger.

I yelled back, "I'M NOT OKAY, I'M NOT OKAY!!!!!"

I was in complete SHOCK!! I felt no pain. That is until about 20 minutes later. We panicked for a second (Well Chris did LOL, while I remained calm (on the outside), told him everything would be okay!! It's just a finger it's not that bad!! We had no first aid kit...and nothing to wrap my finger. But we quickly got it wrapped with an extra shirt I think it was....I can't be certain that's what we used for sure. Whatever it was, it worked. I just held my finger as tight as I could. And we started making out trek back towards the car. We had hiked in to our spot for at least 40 minutes, so I knew we had a ways to go.

On our way back....we managed to pick up a couple of the rocks we had scattered along the path, but not all of them...as I was a little disabled at that time. Then about 20 mins into our trek back to the car, the pain set in. WOW...that was a throbbing pain I never knew existed. Probably one of the worst pains in my life to date. But I got through it!! AND GUESS WHAT!! I was back out prospecting the next day in the same spot!! ...I had a quick look....but nope....I wasn't able to find my finger tip HAHAHA!!! Oh, and BTW...It did heal up quite nicely!! ;)


You have been warned....the pictures below are a bit rough. If you don't like blood and all that jazz, I highly suggest you DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM.




  • That will be a good story to tell the grandkids ! Glad you healed up nice 💚

    Larry Hayes on

  • Ouch lol

    Trevor on

  • It sure healed up nicely!

    Cupcake. on

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