GARNETS!! Lots Of Garnets!!

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It was the weekend of August 23, 2015. We decided we had to make a pit stop while attending a family reunion in Athabasca (that river is a beauty, how could you say no!). So we stopped, right in the town central to try our luck on the promising Athabasca River. Well...we dug some ground, got a fairly big hole accomplished. Filled it all back in nicely when we were finished. It was a beauty day.

Later on, when we went through all our concentrates we found a nice surprise. Unfortunately, we had found very little gold. BUT.....We were very fortunate to find a nice big pan FULL of garnets. It was a very neat find!! Also found a couple mini pieces of petrified wood. They were cute little guys. The smallest I have ever found! Hope you enjoy!! 
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  • There are many treasures to be found when digging up those gravels. I used to save those tiny garnets and give them to my daughter when she was little. She used to glue them on home made jewelry, to compete with the big guns like Piaget and Tiffany & Co. And, lots of petrified wood, dino bones, coal, coins, rings and fishing tackle.

    John B on

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