First Edition AGE Mini Trommel - Testing Adventure 101 - Winter 2016

Posted by Stacey Hoskins on

When we first finished designing our mini trommel in 2016, it just happened to be in the middle of winter (only the best time to come up with new products). This was our very first edition, and there were definitely some things that needed a bit of tweaking. But WOW, that trommel could eat through dirt. It's so amazing to see how far things have come in 3 years.

We went out on a mission to try and find some unfrozen ground, and some water access. The sunshine was out, and it was a lovely day for product testing. We found a really nice spot here in Edmonton, AB. Right close to town. We were facing this big gravel cliff, which we were able to sweep the dirt right down to our machines. It made testing this product very easy, as we were able to shovel into the trommel basically as fast as we (prospecting partner Gordon and I) could and this thing would have no troubles keeping up. I think I might have lost a knob that day (those little black things just blended right in)....but overall, it was a very successful day of winter product testing. Feel free to watch the video at the bottom of the page!!!

Winter never stops us....and it shouldn't stop you either!! As long as you bundle up and can find water and some unfrozen ground to dig up, you can prospect!!! See you out there!! ;)




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