Another Winter Adventure From Back in The Day

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Another beautiful weekend out on the North Saskatchewan River. It was the weekend of April 2, 2016, and spring is getting close!! This little spot is just on the outskirts of the city of Edmonton. We like this spot!! We come here often with the dogs, and love to get out on the river here for a prospect. Lots of petrified wood and other neat things to be found!! Walking over to our nice little cliff side we (Chris and Prospecting Partner Gordon) found, we ended up finding what looks like an old trommel barrel. Who knows if that is what it was intended to be used for....but it was a cool find none the less. (Continued Below Photos)


We spent the day, each shovelling dirt into our highbankers. We got some gold. Gotta love the Alberta flour gold. It's everywhere!! It may be small....but it's nice to go home with a little something each time!! The dogs always enjoy prospecting at the river....they also don't mind if it's winter!! 

Also...I know there are very few gold pics....but we have been collecting for some time.... and we have a lot of cons to go through. But time is of the essence. If only there were more hours in the day!! Still....don't fret!! One of these days when we have the right product for a quick cleanup...we will go through those cons and take an awesome video for you. Finally See How Much Gold We Actually Have!!! Something to look forward to ;)  


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