Can you still look for gold this 2021?

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Alberta Gold Equipment: Can you still look for gold this 2021?

Searching for gold is a literal treasure hunt. It’s not an easy process and more often than not, you may end up empty handed. But that doesn’t keep people from investing in this hobby, and with the help of Alberta Gold Equipment, your chances of stumbling upon your long-awaited jackpot is now within reach! 

This is one of the most thrilling and rewarding hobbies out there. If you’re interested in entering the realm of prospecting this year, 2021, here are some tips to help you get started on your journey:

  1. Extend your patience

Probably one of the most important traits to bring with you if you want to start prospecting is patience because there will be a lot of hindrances and obstacles that will come your way. It’s not an easy task and you won’t be successful every time but you should also remember that if it’s easy to do then everyone will do it. Yes it will take lots of your effort and time, but the reward will surely be worth it. 

  1. Get the right equipment

Finding gold cannot be done with your bare hands. Luckily for you, Alberta Gold Equipment offers a wide variety of prospecting tools and equipment that can greatly aid you in your pursuit for gold. Here are some essentials for beginners:

Gold Pan

Gold will be difficult to see because you will usually see them mixed up with dirt and rocks. But with the help of this tool you can easily separate the gold from the unwanted particles. All you have to do is wash and stir the pan with water then you will see the gold slowly reveal itself.


This is the partner for the gold pan. Sometimes called screen or sieve, this tool comes in various sizes to help you classify your findings. Sizes include:

  • 1/2
  • 1/4
  • 1/8
  • 1/16
  • 1/32
  • 1/64
  • 1/128

Snuffer Bottle

Some findings would be too small to grab with your fingers. To help you with that problem, you need to have a snuffer bottle. This little tool can suck the tiniest particles of gold that are left in your pan to make sure that no gold will go to waste.

  1. Visit places that are proven to have gold

You may think to yourself that it would be better to go to the sites that have not been tampered with yet so you can get the good stuff to yourself. But, your chances of finding gold is much higher if you go to the places that have been established to have gold

  1. Do some research

Doing some research is strongly recommended when starting out as a gold prospector or at because there is a lot to learn about this hobby. Things like proper equipment, finding the right spots that contain gold, gold indicators and many other things.

This hobby is not for everybody, those who have been doing this for a long time are not doing it for the gold. Yes the prize is very rewarding but for them it’s the experience. It’s the thrill of searching through shorelines, rivers, and streams with the hopes of seeing at least one nugget of gold. If that is something that excites you, then let 2021 be the year where you start your journey of gold prospecting!

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