Alberta Gold Equipment: Beginner’s guide to gold prospecting

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Alberta Gold Equipment: Beginner’s guide to gold prospecting

Are you planning on prospecting gold as a new hobby? If you are, then consider yourself lucky! Thanks to modern technology, there’s now a wide range of equipment that supports this fun activity. Moreover, there are a lot of locations designated specifically to prospecting gold.

Finding gold is a hard thing to do especially for beginners. If you’re trying this out for the first time, we recommend following this helpful guide we have here at Alberta Gold Equipment!

Be familiar with the land

When trying to find a spot to find gold, you must have sufficient information about the area. You can ask around, look online, and join social media groups as well as forums that can provide you with valuable details about the land. By having enough land information, you can evaluate whether it’s the best place to prospect for gold or not.

Start in dense areas

Dense areas with high tendencies of erosion are good spots to prospect for gold. Examples of these locations include rivers and streams. Before venturing into gold mines or other tricky locations, as a beginner, you can start searching for gold in these areas first.

Get down and dirty

Gold prospecting is a messy process and you have to get down and dirty to succeed. Don’t be afraid to get coated in mud and soil whenever you’re panning near rivers or streams.  

Focus on the shoreline

When trying to find gold, it is important to have a good shovel with you so that you can dig the dirt, soil, or sand along the edge of the stream or creek. Afterwards, you can use the water from the stream so you can screen your pan to discover if there is any gold to be found. Lastly, fill your gold pan with the materials, use both hands to filter the extraneous material, then remove bigger rocks.

Be patient

In life, sometimes you don’t succeed at things on the first try. It’s the same when you’re prospecting for gold. Chances are you won’t immediately find what you’re looking for. Don’t get frustrated and remember the basics so that you don’t lose the determination to try again until you can finally grasp the entire process. Practice makes perfect so just keep on trying! 

Time to find gold!

Let’s get down and dirty in our journey to finding gold! While prospecting may seem like a fun activity for children and adults alike, it is important that you know the basics. When you finally have gold in your pans, even if you have dirt and mud in your nails and knees, you’ll find that it’s all worth it in the end! So, what are you waiting for? Inquire with us here now at Alberta Gold Equipment!

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